Elizabeth Tasker

Elizabeth Tasker

Astrophysicist &

Science Communicator


Science Communication

I love writing and speaking about science for any audience.  My main expertise is exoplanets and space missions, but I've covered topics as diverse as star tables in ancient Egypt to deep-sea drilling for uncovering the cause of Earthquakes! 

At JAXA, I write a monthly research blog on our activities and also the English news page for our mission to the moons of Mars. 

My articles have been published in magazines and online in locations including Scientific American, Astronomy Magazine, Nautilus, space.com and The Conversation. 

More details of my writing and talks can be found here.  



Email: elizabeth.tasker(at)jaxa.jp

I can be found on Google+ and twitter. 

Also, we try and keep things cool and professional here but if you're looking for (largely) true stories about life in Japan, you're probably after my personal page, Girl & Kat.